How do I know it’s time?

It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a change in your pet’s eating and drinking?
  • Is your pet painful or uncomfortable?
  • Is your pet unable to stand on their own?
  • Is your pet no longer interested in playing?
  • Is your pet becoming incontinent or no longer grooming?
  • Is your pet having more bad days than good days?
  • Have you noticed a change in your pet’s personality or behavior?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, please call Dr. Lowe for an in-home consultation.

Once I have made the decision for in-home euthanasia what other decisions need to be made?

  • Q: Where and when should euthanasia take place?
  • A: In the house or outside, maybe under a favorite tree or favorite place? On your pets bed or any place in your home your pet chose to spend their time.
  • Q: Who should be there?
  • A: Loved ones who wish to be present, children if you deem appropriate, other pets or friends of your choosing.
  • Q: What do I want to do for body aftercare?
  • A: Private burial, cremation or necropsy, etc. Cremation services are provided by Pets In Peace. They offer private and communal cremation services. The prices vary by weight. Please refer to the fees page for more information. Pets in Peace also offers a number of memorial items. Please feel free to review the website and reach out to them to discuss and make arrangements.

What to expect?

Initially we will have a phone consultation to establish your needs and help answer any questions you may have or discuss any special requests you may have. Upon arrival Dr. Lowe will go over the paperwork and take care of payment beforehand. She will greet your pet and when you are ready she will administer a sedative to help your pet sleep. At this point your pet will be free of any pain or suffering they may have been experiencing. If you have elected cremation for your pet a representative from Pets in Peace will arrive to transport your pet for cremation. Please discuss beforehand with Dr. Lowe if you’d like to make other arrangements for your pet.

Once your pet is sleeping deeply Dr. Lowe will proceed with euthanasia when you are ready. A solution will be given as in injection to gently stop the heart. This usually only takes a few moments and she will let you know when your pet has passed. Some pets will release their bladder or empty their bowels at this point. Although your pet’s eyes will remain open and you may hear some sounds or see muscle twitching; rest assured that your pet has felt no pain and has passed peacefully and gently.

Coping with Pet loss

For help with coping with the loss of your pet please refer to the AVMA Pet Loss page and The Pet Loss Support Page.